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Frequently Asked Questions 


How can I schedule a tour to see Llano Estacado Event Spaces? 
Event tours are by appointment only.  
Please call (806) 745-2258 or email
to schedule your tour!

I love it and I'm ready to book! Now what?
We're so excited you love it here! In order to secure your date, we just need a signed contract and event deposit  of  half of the total rental fee.

Before the event

Can I set up the day before my event or earlier than 11am the day of?
If there are not any events booked the day before, you can reach out to our events staff and ask about setting up early. Email us at for questions.

Do I meet with someone prior to the event? 
You will meet with our Event Manager to go over a wine tasting, floor plan,
and wedding/event details about a month before your event.

Do you offer on-site wedding coordination? 
We do not have on-site wedding coordination, but we are happy to get you in contact with an experienced coordinator! We do require you to have a day-of coordinator that does not include the bride or anyone walking down the aisle. We highly suggest having your coordinator come out with you prior to your event so they understand what responsibilities they have.

Can we rehearse at Llano?
If our event space is not previously booked the day before, you are more than welcome to have a scheduled one hour rehearsal. 
Are we responsible for table, chairs, linen, silverware, plates or glasses?
Table, chairs, standard linens and the use of our wine glasses are part of all wedding packages. You or your caterer is responsible for all other items including, but not limited to:  silverware, plates, water, ice, cups for beverages/beer, napkins, serving utensils, cake cutter, cake serving utensils, cake plates, cake forks, etc.
How do we figure out a floor plan for my event?
During your details meeting (roughly one month out from the event) we will prepare a clear floor plan. You can ask for our blank event center layout in advance by emailing

Can I hire my own vendors? Do you have a preferred list? 
You are free to hire your own vendors. We do have a suggested vendors list that includes vendors who have done an exceptional job in the past with us, but you are not required to use the companies listed. Caterer's are required to hold a catering license, and the host could be fined $250 for caterers who do not clean the kitchen after use.
What is the cancellation policy?
A notice of cancellation must be made in writing. To reserve the date of your event, a deposit of half the rental fee is required along with the signed contract. That deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE upon cancellation of the event. Thirty days prior to the event date the entire fee is NON-REFUNDABLE upon cancellation of the event.

What are the restrictions on decorations? What is your candle policy? 
Restrictions on decorations include: no loose glitter, confetti, birdseed, etc. Any items with glitter on them must be sealed with Modge Podge or other sealing materials. We do allow decorations to be hung on the walls with command strips/hooks only. We also allow lit candles, however, the candle must be in a glass votive with a bottom and the flame cannot be higher than the lip of the top of the glass. Candles must stay at least 3 inches away from any wall. 

What are the onsite event staff's responsibilities?
The event staff onsite will ensure access to the premises during the rental time period as outlined in the rental agreement, monitor compliance with the rules and regulations during the event and perform a post-event walk through with the designated contact person. The event staff is NOT responsible for coordinating/planning the event unless arrangements have been made.

What do my guests do about parking?
We have plenty of parking available for you and your guests. There are two parking lots that are available -- the one beside the tasting room as well as in front of the event center. We do also allow cars to park on the grassy areas along the streets at their own risk. We do not have a parking attendant available on-site.

What is your policy on alcohol outside of the Llano wine provided? 
Beer is allowed to be served for a fee and must be served by Llano staff, your caterer, or a Bartender with their TABC license and must pull a permit to serve on site.
Liquor is completely prohibited. If any unauthorized alcohol is found on
premises you will be fined up to $500. 

Does my event require security? 
Weddings: If your event attendance is over 100 people, two Lubbock County Sheriff's Officers will be on premise.  Security is included in the rental of your wedding, and anything over that will be added on to your final bill.
Non-weddings: Security is required for events over 50 people drinking, or attendance of over 100 people.  We are required to have two officers on-site with the Lubbock County Sheriff's department. Email us for more information at

How do we go about paying for the wine?
*Open Bar - Event host will pay for the wine at the end of the night. 
*The most popular option
Wine Package -  These are pre-selected packages, which means the wines are not interchangeable, but this option gives the greatest discount. The wines will be chosen at your details meeting, roughly one month out from your event. 

Are there extra charges for clean up? 
Set up and take down of linens/tables/chairs are included in the venue fee. However, all items brought by you, your vendors, or your guests MUST be removed from the indoor space by the end of your rental period. Your caterer is responsible for the trash, but if they fail to take it out, the responsibility then lies on the event host.
The kitchen and bar should be free of trash, food and beverages, and should be wiped down. You are responsible for making sure that your vendors are completely finished and out by the end of your 12 hour time frame. If extra cleaning is needed by Llano staff you will be subject to a fine of up to $700.

Do you offer a set-up and clean- up package?

Yes, we do offer a set-up and clean-up package. This package is an additional cost and must be stated one month prior to the event. Details on how you want the set-up to be carried out is required. 
This package is the ONLY way Llano staff will clean-up the entire event.

During the event
After your event
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